JUSTSEAM 65/438 is suitable for ventilated & non-ventilated roof designs & shapes. pitch of roof starts from 1.5 degree. This system is suitable for all types of supporting structures.
JUSTSEAM 65/438 Roofing systems is light weight & extremely strong.
Roofing sheets of length 100 mtr or more can be produced as production of JUSTSEAM 65/438 is done on site. JUSTSEAM 65/438 system can incorporate insulation & fulfill thermal insulation requirements of the building. this will keep the building cool in summer &warm in winter.
JUSTSEAM 65/438 system consists of special purpose clips for connecting roof profile to the structure. Justseam roofing sheets overlapped and locked on special purpose clips. The clips are concealed under the roof & there is no piercing required in the roof sheet for fixing the clips. Therefore perfectly watertight roofing system can be constructed. Here, clips act as a load bearing component.
JUSTSEAM 65/438 profile can be manufactured / roll formed out of
  • Corrosion resistant AZ-150 (Galvalume) Aluminium – Zinc coated bare & prepainted coils from standard coil manufacturers.
  • Aluminium alloy to create extremely light weight roof & wall for a longer life span of the building.
To avoid bi-metal reaction, we use GI / Galvalume materials for manufacturing clips for steel roof & al. Alloy materials for clips used in Aluminium roofing system.
Steel being a recycled material & locally available, this system will be more eco­freindly and reducing the carbon foot print & supporting the green building concept.
System, substructure can also be designed with less steel. Profile side laps are acting as load bearing members & permanently connected to susbstructure which gives more stablity to the building. The system is more strong against wind up lift due to perffect connection of the roof sheet and the structure with help of special purpose clips.
JUSTSEAM 65/438 roofing system can be produced in both convex & concave curve shapes with our profile. The minimum radius for different materials are as follows:
Minimum Curved Radius For Aluminium Roof/ Wall Sheets:
Convex Curve — 2.5 Mtr
Concave Curve — 6.5 Mtr.
Minimum Curved Radius For Galvalume Steel Roof/ Wall Sheets:
Convex Curve — 4.5 Mtr
Concave Curve — 8.5 Mtr
JUSTSEAM 65/438 will allow to curve the roof sheets with convex shape, concave shape, convex & concave shape for single roof sheet (“S” shape or “M ” shape)
JUSTSEAM 65/438 roofing system can be installed with insulation in single layer sheeting as well as double layered roofing system with liner sheet, the top sheet & the sub girt for accommodating insulation materials. The insulated system will reduce the heat load, provide good acoustic value to the building & reduces the noise during rain.
We use insulated clips for better thermal performance.
JUST SEAM 65 — 438 profile panel is fixed to every purlin with help of GI or structural grade Aluminium clip with UPVC thermal pad at the bottom of the clip. Specially designed head of the clip accurately matches with the overlapping end of the profile sheeting ; ensuring that the sheet slides freely during thermal movement.


  • JUSTSEAM 65/438 system is suitable for urban architectural requirements as it gives real design freedom and provides wide range of solutions for roofing & wall cladding applications.
  • Specially designed & manufactured concealed clip system requires no piercing for fastners to install the This provides excellent weather resistance & prevent against uplift wind pressure.
  • Can be roll-formed on site to achieve extreme long length according to the project requirements.
  • It can be used as single skin roofing as well as double skin roofing. (JUSTSEAM 65/438 made from Aluminium material require metal liner sheet).
  • The mechanical seaming / zipping of the seams produces a load bearing, permanent connection.
  • Any residual moisture in the insulating layer will evaporate through the seam.
  • Extremely strong and lightweight. Ideal for large spans & suitable for re-roofing job or old roof replacement.
  • Suitable for ventilated & non ventilated roof designs.
As the roll forming is done on site, the transportation cost for the coils reduces substantially. As the length of the sheets are restricted up to max. of 12.0 mtrs according to transport rules & regulations, we can reduce the carbon Emission caused due to transportation of the roof/wall sheets.